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Amazon Quiz Today Answers | 06 March 2021 | Answer & Win Rewards

Amazon daily quiz becomes very popular nowadays, everyone searches for correct answers to win rewards. DealsHub updates all the correct answers to the Amazon Daily Quiz and all other quizzes so, stay tuned to our website and telegram channel for the latest updates. You can win assured exciting rewards / free vouchers & super coins by giving correct answers to all five questions. Get the latest Flipkart quiz answers here.

Amazon daily comes with Quizzes and games, which is a fact-based game quiz where users can answer a few questions to win exciting prizes. It’s a range of MCQs questions that are mostly based on general knowledge & current affairs. If you get all the answers correct, you can win exciting prizes/gift vouchers & Amazon pays cashback. These prizes can be won every day, so you can give them a try regularly to win the prizes. The Amazon Daily Quiz starts daily at 08:00 AM IST and will run through till 12:00 PM IST, so you can participate anytime in the contest.

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Looking for Amazon daily quiz answers, your search ends here. We have added all the correct answers below. And we regularly update the answers daily, so stay tuned DealsHub and join our telegram channel for the latest deals & offers.

Amazon Daily Quiz Time, Prize & Other Details :

  • Amazon Today’s Quiz – Amazon Oppo A53 Quiz
  • Today’s Prize Details – Win Oppo A53 Smartphone
  • Quiz Timing – 8 AM to 12 PM 2nd January 2021
  • Total Winners – 1 
  • Winner Declares On – 30th Jan 2021

How to Play the Amazon Daily Quiz?

  • First Of All, Download the Flipkart App from Playstore because this is an App-based contest.
  • Now login to your Amazon Account.
  • Now go to the amazon app homepage & search for “quiz
  • In the search results, you will see ” Fun Zone “, click on that banner.
  • After clicking on that banner, you will all live Amazon quizzes there.
  • Now click on the Daily Quiz banner and give correct answers, All the answers added below.
  • We have added all the correct answers below.

Amazon Quiz Answers Today | 23rd February 2021 – Win Rs.25000

Question 1 – Which Union Territory presented its tableau for the first time ever at the 2021 Republic Day parade?
Answer – Ladakh

Question 2 – What type of vessel is Sagar Anveshika, which was recently launched by Union Minister for Earth Sciences Harsh Vardhan?
Answer – Coastal research vessel

Question 3 – Satya Paul, who recently passed away, was a well-known entrepreneur in which field?
Answer – Fashion

Question 4 – What is the term given for three consecutive strikes in this target sport?
Answer – A Turkey

Question 5 – Apart from this artist, which other artist has also won three Grammys for the album of the year?
Answer – Stevie Wonder

Amazon Quiz Answers Today | 23rd February 2021 – Win Rs.20000

Q1 – Which country recently connected its Hualong One nuclear reactor to the power grid?
Ans – China

Q2 – Amrut Mahotsav’ is the name given to what upcoming celebration?
Ans– 75th Anniversary of Indian Independence
Q3 – Paul J. Crutzen, a Dutch atmospheric chemist who recently passed away, won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for predicting what?
Ans – Ozone Holes
Q4 – The original classic version of this world’s best-selling toy does not feature which of the following colors?
Ans – Black

Q5 – Often made of plastic or metal, what is the tiny piece at the end of this cord called?
Ans – An Aglet

Amazon Quiz Answers Today | 22nd February 2021 – Win Rs.20000

Amazon Quiz Answers Today | 22nd February 2021 – Win Rs.20000

Question 1 – Which company has become the country’s first telecom company to successfully demonstrate and orchestrate live 5G service?
Answer – Airtel

Question 2 – In which country is the Mount Merapi volcano located?
Answer – Indonesia

Question 3 – Black Ops Cold War’ is the latest release from which iconic game franchise?
Answer – Call of Duty

Question 4 – What children’s nursery rhyme with this object in its title is thought to be, by one interpretation, about the Black Death in Europe?
Answer – Ring a Ring a Roses

Question 5 – Which country consumes this food the most per capita?
Answer – Switzerland

Amazon Quiz Answers Today | 21st February 2021 – Win OnePlus TV

Question 1 – The UP government launched a series of centenary celebrations through February 4, 2022, in all 75 districts of the state to commemorate what?
Answer – Chauri Chaira incident

Question 2 – Andy Jassy is set to become the next CEO of which global tech behemoth?
Answer – Amazon

Question 3 – In which neighboring country did the military seize power in February 2021, declaring a state of emergency for 1 year?
Answer – Myanmar

Question 4 – According to the nursery rhyme, how many full bags of wool does this color sheep have?
Answer – Three

Question 5 – Which of the following terms is not associated with this geographical feature?
Answer – Current

Amazon Quiz Answers Today | 20th February 2021 – Win Huami Smart Watch

Q1 – Which premier first-class domestic tournament got canceled for the first time in 87 years?
Ans – Ranji Trophy

Q2 – Gold Demand Trends’ is a report released by which organization?
Ans – World Gold Council

Q3 – Which country has recently developed a futuristic ‘floating’ train that can hit speeds of 620 km per hour?
Ans – China

Q4 – This candy bar was named “The Most Influential Candy Bar” by which magazine?
Ans – Time

Q5 – This fruit does not occur naturally, but is rather a hybrid of the mandarin and which other fruit, also known as the ‘Chinese Grapefruit’?
Ans – Pomelo

Amazon Quiz Answers Today | 18th February 2021 – Win Armani Watch

Q1 – Cornwall, chosen as the venue of the G7 summit 2021, is located in which country?
Ans – UK

Q2 – Which of these is one of the costliest mushrooms in the world that grows in Jammu and Kashmir’s Doda district?
Ans – Gucchi

Q3 – James Naismith, recently featured in a Google Doodle, was the inventor of which game?
Ans – Basketball

Q4 – The mascot of which fast-food restaurant can we see in this picture?
Ans – MC Donald’s

Q5 – Who is being depicted on this US dollar bill?
Ans – Benjamin Franklin

Amazon Quiz Answers Today | 17th February 2021 – Win ₹10000

Q1 – Which of these cricketers has scored a hundred, each of the 3 times in Test cricket that he crossed 50 runs?
Ans– Fawad Alam

Q2 – Which of these is a recently released book by Ramachandra Guha?
Ans– The Commonwealth of Cricket

Q3 – Apple, Amazon, and Google have recently suspended which social networking app
Ans– Parler

Q4 – This tourist attraction is situated on the South Bank of which river in London?
Ans– Thames Thames

Q5 – This geometric shape is generally used for which Traffic sign?
Ans– Stop Sign

Amazon Quiz Answers Today | 31st January 2021 – Win GoPro Hero9

Q1. Lilly Aspell is known for playing the younger version of which superhero?
Ans: Wonder Woman

Q2. An underwater exploration project is scheduled to begin to assess the age of a chain of shoals between India and Sri Lanka, known as what?
Ans: Ram Setu/Adam’s Bridge

Q3. On the occasion of Makar Sankranti, many pilgrims take a dip at Gangasagar. In which state is it located?
Ans: West Bengal

Q4. Initially transparent, what color does this animal’s blood change to when oxidized?
Ans: Blue

Q5. What is this game that is usually played on a board made of plywood?
Ans: Carrom

Amazon Quiz Answers Today | 30th January 2021 – Win Oppo A53

Q1. A new Amazon Prime series starring Saif Ali Khan is named after which of these?

Ans: A dance performed by Lord Shiva

Q2. The ‘Black Vault’- a website, recently published 2700 pages of declassified CIA documents on what?


Q3. Who won the Rachael Heyhoe- Flint Award for ICC Female Cricketer of the Decade?

Ans: Ellyse Perry

Q4. This UNESCO World Heritage site in South India was the capital of which empire?

Ans: Vijayanagar

Q5. What is this famous memorial known as?

Ans: Mount Rushmore

Amazon Quiz Answers Today | 20th January 2021 – Win ₹10000

Q1. ICGS Saksham was built by Goa Shipyard Limited for whom?
Ans: Indian Coast Guard

Q2. What kind of service is eSanjeevani deployed nationally by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare?
Ans: Telemedicine

Q3. The lotus, the peacock, and the banyan tree will be the main themes for what building, being constructed by Tata Projects Ltd?
Ans: New Parliament

Q4. They are the only big cats that live in groups. What is the group called?
Ans: Pride

Q5. By what name do we know this statue better?
Ans: The Thinker

Amazon Quiz Answers Today | 19th January 2021 – Win Bosch Mixer Grinder

Q1. DakPay is a new payments app launched by which organization?
Ans: India Post

Q2. Who among these has been named to be the Commander of the SpaceX Crew-3 mission to the International Space Station?
Ans: Raja Chari

Q3. The Tibetan word “Losar” translates to what in English?
Ans: New Year

Q4. In which coffee shop will you be served in this style of a cup?
Ans: Starbucks

Q5. Identify this castle, where Queen Elizabeth ll spends her summer holiday.
Ans: Balmoral Castle

Amazon Quiz Answers Today | 18th January 2021 – Win ₹20000

Q1) Recently released by Om Birla, ‘The Shaurya Unbound‘ is a book about the valor of which of these forces?

Q2) Which company recently announced they will set up ‘the world’s largest scooter factory‘ in Hosur, Tamil Nadu?
Ans: Ola

Q3) Alex Olmedo, who recently passed away, was a tennis champion from which country?
Ans: Peru

Q4) These birds are symbols of what in many cultures around the world?
Ans: Happiness

Q5) This news company is headquartered in which country?
Ans: UK

Amazon Quiz Answers Today | 16th January 2021 – Win ₹5000

Q1. Bhubaneswar and Rourkela are two cities chosen to host the 2023 Men’s World Cup of which sport?
Ans: Field Hockey

Q2. Chuck Yeager, a World War ll fighter ace who recently passed away, became the first person to do what on October 14, 1947?
Ans: Fly faster than the speed of sound

Q3. A royal Bengal tiger was spotted above the unusual 3,000 m altitude in which country for the first time?
Ans: Nepal

Q4. Who ‘discovered’ this fruit in Guadeloupe in 1493?
Ans: Columbus

Q5. The picture shows someone picking out a book on a person of which nationality?
Ans: German

Amazon Quiz Answers Today | 15th January 2021 – Win ₹25000

Q1) Koilwar Bridge, officially Abdul Bari Bridge, was recently opened to the public in which Indian state? 
Ans: Bihar

Q2) Under Project Loon, Google aims to provide high-speed internet connectivity in “remote and rural areas” using what? 
Ans: Helium-filled balloons

Q3) Which country announced mission Beresheet 2, intended to land a spacecraft on the Moon in 2024? 
Ans: Israel

Q4) Name this dish, a favorite of Nehru, Khrushchev, and Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto 
Ans: Butter Chicken

Q5) Name of this dinosaur comes from two Greek words meaning what 
Ans: Tyrant lizard

Amazon Quiz Answers Today | 12th January 2021 – Win Philips Induction Cooktop

Q1) In December 2020, Google announced the shutting down of which 3D-object creation and library platform? 
Ans: Google Poly

Q2) Which country will host the Asia Cup cricket tournament in 2021? 
Ans: Sri Lanka

Q3) Which international organization recently published the ‘Global Wage Report‘? 
Ans: ILO

Q4) Name this character from the popular children’s television show ‘Sesame Street‘? 
Ans: Elmo

Q5) By looking at this picture, name the holiday associated with this vegetable. 
Ans: Halloween

Amazon Quiz Answers Today | 7th January 2021 – Win Havells Air Oven

Q.1 In which place is Arecibo Telescope – the world’s second-largest single-dish radio telescope that recently collapsed – located? 
Ans: Puerto Rico

Q.2 George Smiley appears in many of the spy stories of which British author who recently passed away? 
Ans: John le Carré

Q.3 Who was named the WTA Player of the Year in 2020? 
Ans: Sofia Kenin

Q.4 What is the name of this protagonist of a famous Japanese Anime? 
Ans: Pikachu

Q.5 Name this statue built as an ode to an Indian Freedom Fighter, which was unveiled in 2018? 
Ans: Statue of Unity

Amazon Quiz Answers Today | 3rd January 2021 – Win Apple iPhone 12

Q.1 Gurpurab or Prakash Utsav is celebrated every year to commemorate the birth of which guru? 
Ans: Guru Nanak

Q.2 Giannis Antetokounmpo who recently signed the biggest contract in NBA history with the Milwaukee Bucks was born in which city?
Ans: Athens

Q.3 ViacomCBS recently sold what publishing company to Penguin Random House for over $2 billion? 
Ans: Simon and Schuster

Q.4 Name this food item that gets its name from an old German word for “bracelet” 
Ans: Bagel

Q.5 These iconic post boxes are found in which country?
Ans: UK

Amazon Quiz Answers Today | 2nd January 2021 – Win ₹10000

Q1. In the first week of December 2020, the International Sand Art Festival was held at the Chandrabhaga beach located in which Indian state? 
Ans- Orissa

Q2. The Sea Guardians, the maritime variant of the Predator MQ-9s are actually what that were recently inducted into the Indian Navy?
Ans- Drones

Q3. Replacing Imran Khwaja, George Barclay, a New Zealand based lawyer, has recently been elected to what coveted administrative post?
Ans-: Chairman of ICC

Q4. What scale was invented in a laboratory that focused specifically on making this beverage tastier?
Ans- pH Scale

Q5. Identify the country from this ‘national’ sport.  
Ans- Bhutan



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