NASA’s Ingenuity Helicopter Completes fifteenth Flight On Mars


NASA’s Ingenuity Mars helicopter has soared by means of the Purple Planet’s skies for the fifteenth time. The chopper, which arrived on Mars hooked up to the stomach of the Perseverance rover, landed throughout the focused zone on the Martian floor, stated NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), which manages the Ingenuity mission. Initially, when NASA was making the chopper, the company was unsure whether or not it will have the ability to fly in any respect on the chilly Mars. It had initially deliberate for less than 5 flights in whole. In a tweet, JPL stated Ingenuity flew for 128.8 seconds and “opportunistically took” some photos of curiosity to scientists.

The officers have been nonetheless processing the photographs and different information. As soon as that’s processed, it will be clear what distance the chopper lined throughout its fifteenth flight.

Ingenuity was designed to fly for as much as 90 seconds and journey for nearly 980 toes (300m) at a time. It may possibly achieve about 10–15 toes (3–4.5 metres) altitude. The rotorcraft flies by itself, with minimal instructions from Earth despatched upfront, in line with NASA.

After being launched from the Earth in July 2020, Ingenuity and Perseverance landed on Mars on February 18 this yr, within the focused zone within the Jezero Crater, a dried-up mattress of an historic lake. In line with scientists, the lake might have hosted an ecosystem of Martian microbes over 3.5 billion years in the past. They hope the crater should still have deposits that will throw mild on the life that after presumably existed there.

Ingenuity lifted off Mars’ floor for the first time on April 19 and efficiently accomplished a managed flight.


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